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Information Technology

State Government Enterprise IT Standards

Standard S-010-001 - Rescinded

This standard was rescinded by the TGB effective April 10, 2008.

Technology: Electronic Information Management (EIM)
Category: Electronic Forms: Software for Electronic Forms, Business Process Forms Management, and Forms Presentment
Purpose: To establish a standard suite of software products to be used for the development of electronic forms applications
Effective Date: This Standard has been rescinded effective April 10, 2008.


Effectively capturing, managing and sharing electronic information is critical to digital government. It is this electronic information that drives the processes that drive electronic government. Electronic forms that can feed a business process workflow and result in presentment of a document are intrinsic to a digital foundation for e-government.

ITD has established an enterprise product infrastructure and service offering that achieves electronic forms management objectives. This infrastructure includes hardware and software products and tools. The service offering includes technical support, forms design, application development, project management and business analysis. The products and services are offered to the state enterprise and have been implemented to address three areas:

  1. Electronic Forms Design
  2. Business Process Forms Automation – Defined as the automation of business process forms where information included in such an electronic form feeds a business workflow that requires human interaction, approval, tracking and accountability, and is written to a database(s).
  3. Forms Presentment – where an electronic form template is designed and accepts a data stream for output to paper or other media, and/or is written to a database(s).

The product suite includes:

  1. Adobe/Accelio Capture Enterprise Server – a software suite that enables design and implementation of intelligent forms, from simple paper replacement to intelligent capture, routing and management of data (fill, validate, route, sign and submit).
  2. Adobe/Accelio Integrate – software that offers a drag and drop interface for business process forms development including customization and logic enforcement, integration, and process monitoring and reporting.
  3. Adobe/Accelio Present – software to create document output solutions for distributed and on-demand printing or web presentment.

The enterprise Electronic Information Management (EIM) products referenced in the above introduction are the recognized standard for the state enterprise. The software components address Electronic Forms Design, Business Process Forms Automation, and Forms Presentment in a manner that facilitates integrated EIM application development and implementation. The enterprise standard products are:

Adobe/Accelio Capture Enterprise Server
Adobe/Accelio Integrate
Adobe/Accelio Present

This standard will be reviewed one year following the adoption date.