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IOWAccess IIS6, FrontPage Apache, IIS6, Websphere  Video Streaming
Dedicated hosting Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates (GoDaddy)

Information Technology Enterprise (ITE) provides quality web hosting services to State of Iowa organizations, delivering up to date web and streaming media content to thousands of citizens daily. Our web hosting products include static web hosting, self-publishing solutions, managed application hosting, dedicated hosting, and co-location services.

In the static, self-publishing and managed web hosting environments, ITE utilizes the concept of shared web hosting. Shared web hosting is the technology of hosting multiple websites on a single server, separated logically from each other, but physically on the same machine. By sharing a single high-powered server’s resources, administrative costs are shared across multiple websites and each customer pays a much smaller fee compared to owning and managing a dedicated server. In fact, website performance is typically much greater on average with high-powered shared machines versus a single lower powered server. For most websites, this is the most cost effective way to get World Class web services..