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Single Contact Repository (SING)

The Single Contact Repository (SING) is an internet application developed and sponsored by the State Department of Administrative Services / Information Technology Enterprise that allows registered users to perform background checks on potential employees, volunteers, and students doing clinicals, from a single web screen. The application lets a user check Iowa criminal history, three abuse registries (child, dependent adult, and sex offender), and over 40 Public Health professional license types from one click on the screen.

This data resides on various platforms within Iowa state government, including a mainframe and several departmental LAN servers. SING performs its background checks against the original registries, rather than using point-in-time copies, which become out-of-date between refreshes. In addition to ensuring that employers receive up-to-date information, SING's technique provides an extra measure of security. Each confidential database is stored in its original secure location, and nowhere else. No data resides on the web server itself. This means that SING must communicate with multiple databases (from different vendors) on multiple platforms (also from different vendors). Some of the databases accessed include SQL, Oracle, Sybase, and a mainframe CA/IDMS.

The SING web site is a secured site - only registered users can access the information. Depending on what type of an organization they are determines to which of the databases they have legal access. This is done by putting them in groups, with the group having access only to certain databases, or all of them. The application is used by over 1,000 users each month, doing an average of 17,500 transactions, or searches, a month. This application has expedited the process of checking backgrounds of employees and volunteers as often required by regulations and policies.

If you would like to request an ID for your organization to do background checks with SING you may download the forms using the links below. Forms may be returned to Patsy Tallman by fax, email, or USPS mail.

Request for SING ID (Microsoft Word format)

Request for SING ID (Portable Document Format)



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